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Recently we’ve been talking about how we assess program effectiveness and what steps we take in program design to foster individual and organizational transformation. This is the first of a series of blog posts about our conversations.


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Communication Professor Paul Argenti shares his top plays for dealing with a crisis, using GM’s Mary Barra as a pointed example in this blog from Harvard Business Review. This is an important read for all executives—not just communications folks. (Note HBR may require creating a new account, but access is free.)


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New Marketing Research: Do CSR Initiatives Enhance Customer Loyalty?

New research! Are customers more loyal to retailers who engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities? In general, CSR is going to earn customer loyalty, although a closer look reveals that the type of CSR makes a difference.


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Imagine having the tools to reduce a seven-hour assignment to three or four hours. You’d cut your labor cost in half, right? Multiply that by, say, 1,400 and now you’re talking the kind of math most businesses dream of. For Dallas-based HCI IT Services, it’s a dream come true.


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Faculty Profile: Richard D’Aveni

Richard D'Aveni is a leading strategy consultant worldwide. Since 2007, he has been listed among the top 50 management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50. D’Aveni has published six books, including the international best seller Hypercompetition which coined the phrase and became a global bestseller. Fortune described it as "a modern-day analogue to The Art of War."


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Upcoming Programs:
Provides successful functional managers and new middle managers with an integrated view of the fundamentals of business, strategy, and leadership so they can help drive improved performance throughout the organization.
Provides diverse CEOs with the knowledge and skills to build stronger and more profitable companies by examining their organization’s health, building on its strengths, and finding areas for improvement.
Builds the bridge between brand and reputation. Two thought leaders in these fields, Professors Paul Argenti and Kevin Lane Keller, provide the latest and most comprehensive frameworks and practical insights on managing corporate reputation and brands.

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