Jeff Weiss

Adjunct Professor of Business Administration

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Jeff Weiss’s area of expertise is organizational behavior. His research and teaching focus on negotiation, complex customer-supplier relationships, alliances and joint ventures, and effecting strategic and operational alignment within organizations going through major transformation.

In addition to teaching negotiation at the Tuck School within both the MBA program and the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program, Professor Weiss is a co-founder and director of the West Point Negotiation Project, and an adjunct professor on the behavioral sciences and leadership faculty at the United States Military Academy.

His awards include the Apgar Award for Excellence in Teaching from the United States Military Academy in 2010, and the Commander's Award for Civilian Service from the Department of the Army in 2009.

Professor Weiss has published extensively on negotiation, strategic relationship management,  cross-matrix collaboration, and partnering. He is a contributing author to numerous books, and has published extensively in Harvard Business Review and elsewhere.

Professor Weiss is a founding partner at Vantage Partners, LLC. He has more than 25 years of experience consulting to Vantage's F500/G1000 clients, and over time has both built and led its Alliance Strategy & Management Practice and its Sales Advisory Practice, and has worked within its Sourcing & Supplier Management Practice.  He has extensive experience working with clients to improve how they negotiate, develop, manage, and measure the value of their most strategic relationships with partners, customers, suppliers, and across internal divides. Additionally, much of his consulting work is focused on effecting multi-party alignment around core issues of strategy, structure, and operations within large organizations and among entities exploring mergers or complex collaborations.

Prior to founding Vantage, he helped to build Conflict Management Group, a non-profit consulting firm that works with governments around the world on managing conflicts of public importance. He was also a member of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School, and a member of the Massachusetts Bar.

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Defining the right strategy, structure, program, or solution is only half the battle. Effectively persuading, collaborating with, and developing real alignment among key internal and external stakeholders is the other half.

– Jeff Weiss