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Tuck Strategists: Constance Helfat
By: Kirk Kardashian, Tuck School of Business Posted: Feb 3rd, 2015

“Instead of focusing on the problems, I focus on solutions, and how firms create opportunities for themselves,” - Constance Helfat, the J. Brian Quinn Professor in Technology and Strategy.

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Lbc latin bus chron
As the CFO Evolves, Leadership Development Plays Larger Role
By: Mark Keller, Latin Business Chronicle Posted: Aug 8th, 2014

How is the role of the CFO evolving, and how does professional development play into that? 

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3 Simple Ways Women—and Men—Can Boost Their Professional Self-Confidence to Succeed as Business Lead
By: Sydney Finkelstein, Associate Dean of Executive Education Posted: Jul 8th, 2014

While self-confidence is a prerequisite for senior management positions, too much can ruin a leader’s credibility, judgment, and career.

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5 Traits of Strong Leaders
By: Jonathan Riggs | Tuck School of Business Posted: May 27th, 2014

We all have different ideas of what makes for a strong leader, but what really takes people—women especially—to the top? Elyse Allan D’79 T’84, president and CEO of GE Canada, shares the five capability areas that can boost a good leader up to the next level.

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Slaughter & Rees Report: She Works Hard for the Money
By: Slaughter & Rees Report Posted: May 8th, 2014

A scan of recent magazine covers turned up a perennial challenge of leaders around the world: gender inequalities in the workplace.  So how are women today faring in the workplace?

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Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth, Custom Program
Tuck’s Perspective on Evaluating Program Impact
By: Carolyn Clinton; Tuck School of Business Posted: Jan 24th, 2014

Nothing matters more to us and our partners than impact—the impact our executive education programs have on the individuals who attend and the organizations they lead.

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Women CEOs: Why More Women Will Ascend to the C-Suite
By: Tuck School of Business Communications Posted: Jan 20th, 2014

Sydney Finkelstein, Associate Dean of Executive Education, shares his views on women in business leadership roles and why women will ascend into the top CEO positions with more frequency.

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Facts & Figures: 2013 Tuck Executive Program
By: Tuck School of Business Communications Posted: Sep 12th, 2013

In celebration of the completion of this year’s Tuck Executive Program, we would like to share some fun facts about the 2013 session.

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In Field Dominated By Men, BAE’s Palmateer Found Confidence to Speak Up
By: Tuck School of Business Posted: Jul 30th, 2013

Susan Palmateer knows what it’s like to be the only woman in the room. As a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and director of technology programs at defense contractor BAE Systems, Inc., she works in both a field and an industry dominated by men.

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Wise 2013 honorees
WISE & Tuck to Partner on Custom Program for Women Execs in Sports Industry
By: Tuck School Communications Posted: Jul 8th, 2013

Tuck Executive Education is pleased to announce a new partnership with Women in Sports and Events (WISE).   Tuck and WISE will co-create a custom program for senior-level women executives working in the sports industry to be delivered on the Tuck campus in 2014.

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Kim schaller
Hershey’s Schaller Set Aside ‘Superwoman’ Myth On Route to Top
By: Tuck School of Business Posted: Jun 27th, 2013

Marketing Executive from Hershey Entertainment and Resorts came to Tuck program with apprehension

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Boeing-building med
Boeing’s Wuerch Shifts from Tactical Mindset to Strategic Leader
By: Jason McLure, News & Events Writer, Tuck School of Business Posted: Jun 3rd, 2013

In this second installment of a special series on women leaders, Wuerch describes how she found that the qualities that made her a good investigator and middle manager actually hindered her as she rose to a senior post.  At TEP, she found new approaches to help her pull back from day-to-day problems and focus on longer-term strategies for success.

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State Street’s Atkinson Balances Family & Career Development With High Finance
By: Jason McLure, News & Events Writer, Tuck School of Business Posted: May 2nd, 2013

In this first installment of a special series on women leaders, Atkinson shares her thoughts about executive education, balancing work and family and keeping a focus on long-term goals. After her promotion from chief compliance officer to executive vice president for corporate finance at State Street Corp., she sought out an executive education program that would expand her strategic thinking, refresh her skills and develop her peer network.

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Jessicajohnsonphoto nytblog
Refusing to Compete on Price
By: Adriana Gardella, "She Owns It - Portraits of Women Entrepreneurs, New York Times Posted: May 13th, 2012

The New York Times blog series that highlights women entrepreneurs - SHE OWNS IT - featured a Tuck Minority Program alumna and entrepreneur, Jessica Johnson. Johnson owns the security solutions company Johnson Security Bureau, which doubled its sales in 2012.

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