Author(s): Christopher Trimble

How Physicians can Fix Health Care: One Innovation at a Time

Penicillin delivered a dramatic double win. It improved medical outcomes and simultaneously slashed costs. Today’s cheap and curative elixirs, however, are not pills. They come instead in the form of innovations in the way care is delivered.

Fee-for-service medicine has stood as a formidable barrier to these innovations for decades. Now, thanks to the ongoing transition to value-based payments, there are tens of thousands of opportunities for dramatic double wins.

Policymakers have done their part. The rest is up to innovators on the front lines.

Innovators will emerge from every health profession. There will be little progress on the largest opportunities, however, without one essential ingredient: physician leadership.

A groundswell of physician innovators, determined to rebuild care one step at a time, is exactly what the system needs.

In this preview download features the Foreward, Note to Readers, Introduction, and Chapter 1 of Professor Chris Trimble's sixth book on innovation.

Professor Chris Trimble teaches in the Leading Innovation: From Idea to Impact executive program offered at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth campus.

How Physicians Can Fix Health Care

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