Author(s): Marshall Goldsmith


In What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, a best-seller on and The New York Times, leadership guru and adjunct Tuck faculty Marshall Goldsmith shows that in almost all cases, even the most successful leaders can increase their effectiveness by changing certain elements of their behavior.

But he also warns that the very beliefs that have helped people succeed in their careers (“what got you here”) can become serious impediments (“won’t get you there”) when it is time to change again and achieve the next level of success.

This download covers some of the key messages from the book. It outlines what the four underlying beliefs of successful people are that differentiate them from their peers. It also shares the findings of before-and-after studies of successful executives, in which Dr. Goldsmith discovered a series of steps that can be followed to help any successful person change their leadership behavior to achieve positive, measurable, long-term success.

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