Author(s): Sydney Finklestein


In Why Smart Executives Fail: And What You Can Learn From Their Mistakes – a #1 bestseller that has been translated into 11 different languages – Professor Finkelstein shows executives how to analyze failure and use the lessons learned to develop practical, constructive strategies for success.

This download features the popular chapter, “Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful People: The Personal Qualities of Leaders Who Preside Over Major Business Failures.”

In this chapter, Professor Finkelstein provides instructive examples of people whose failures were breathtakingly gigantic: executives who took huge, world-renowned business operations and made them almost worthless. He shows how most of these great destroyers of value were people of unusual intelligence and remarkable talent, with faces that have typically appeared on the covers of top business publications such as Forbes and Business Week.

He then identifies seven habits that characterize spectacularly unsuccessful people – and shows, even more remarkably, how each of these seven habits of failure represents a quality that is widely admired, even encouraged, in today's business world.

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