Why Smart Executives Fail - Wang Laboratories
Wang Goes ‘Gunning’ for IBM
Sean Braswell; Ozy, January 13, 2015

Sydney Finkelstein, Associate Dean of Executive Educations shares insights with Ozy about the history behind Wang Laboratories, and "Why Smart Executives Fail".

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3 Myths about Engineering Talent in China and India
Professor Vijay Govindarajan & Gunjan Bagla; Harvard Business Review, December 9, 2014

The authors share three myths that keep companies from realizing the potential of offshore engineering talent.

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Vg-the-case-for-dreaming-big-bkt 7150
The Case for Dreaming Big
Eric Markowitz, Inc.; October 2014

In this Q&A, Innovation Professor Vijay Govindarajan discusses how leaders can encourage and cultivate innovation in their organization.

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Argenti manage pr crisis header
How to Manage a PR Crisis
Professor Paul Argenti; Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Fall 2014

Four simple steps executives can take when managing a PR or Reputation Crisis.

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What the Mission to Mars Shows About India’s Innovators
Professor Vijay Govindarajan; Harvard Business Review, October 2, 2014

Innovation Professor Vijay Govindarajan shares three lessons for companies on how to win in emerging markets.

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Logo scte cabletec 2014
Learning How to Lead at SCTE-Tuck
Lindsay Johnston, Senior Vice President of Operations, SCTE; September 23, 2014

In response to the annual SCTE Exposition, Sr. VP Lindsay Johnston writes about leadership training opportunities. The SCTE-Tuck Executive Leadership Program at Dartmouth (set for April 26-May 1, 2015) has excelled at accelerating the careers of talented individuals within the industry.

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Can that old Steve Jobs magic still play at Apple?
Associate Dean Sydney Finkelstein; BBC Capital, September 10, 2014

Associate Dean Sydney Finkelstein weighs in on the 2014 Apple product releases. With no radically new products introduced, can Apple maintain it's panache reputation?

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US Veterans Magazine - Tuck - August 2014
Veteran Mario Short Adds Business Management Tools to His Toolkit to Build Profitability
Anita Warren; U.S. Veterans Magazine, August 2014

Mario Short, founder of SYTE Corporation, and alum of Tuck's Minority Business programs, says the real key to his success is that he knows how to build his company.

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What People Are Really Doing When They’re on a Conference Call
Gretchen Gavett; Harvard Business Review, August 19, 2014

Corporate Communication Professor Paul Argenti comments on aspects of today's conference call culture, and how businesses and individuals can improve the experience and efficiency for all.

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Why We Don’t Protect Our Passwords
Professor Punam Keller; Harvard Business Review, August 15, 2014

In response to numerous business and personal data breaches, Professor Punam Keller writes on the many psychological explanations why users do not change their passwords, (despite reminders and reasons to take this action).

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U.S. Inversion Taxes - Robinson
Senate Hearing on Tax Law, Corporate Inversions
Leslie Robinson, Associate Professor of Business Administration; Bloomberg Businessweek; July 22, 2014

Leslie Robinson, associate professor at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business, and others, testify before the Senate Finance Committee in Washington about the U.S. tax code and the practice of corporate inversion deals.

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Battle of the sexes: Office edition
Associate Dean Sydney Finkelstein; BBC Capital, June 26, 2014

Self-confidence plays a huge role in one's professional career. Is the choice to be confident easier for men than for women?

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Strategy’s No Good Unless You End Up Somewhere New
Professor Vijay Govindarajan; Harvard Business Review, May 20, 2014

Professor, Thinkers50 award winner, and innovation expert Vijay Govindarajan lists his four most important "nuances and complexities of innovation as they relate to strategy".

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A View from the Trees…
Developing Leaders, Executive Education in Practice; May 2014

A conversation with Clark Callahan, Executive Director, Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth

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Women-climbing-ladder-970x450 36366
Glass Ceiling Debate: He Said, She Didn’t
Ilan Mochari & Scott Leibs, Inc.; May 2014 Magazine

When applying to jobs that might be a stretch, men show great confidence in how their current qualifications apply to the position. Women tend to be more realistic and will note if things don't quite fit.

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Does This Logo Make My Brand Look Fat?
M. Filtz; Next Executive, April 9, 2014

Does today's globalized, highly-interconnected world require new approaches to branding? Professor Kevin Lane Keller comments on the importance (and distinction) of brand and reputation within a company.

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Trying To Achieve Happiness? Turns Out, How You Attain It Depends On Your Age
Lindsay LaVine; Fast Company, March 17, 2014

Visiting Professor Amit Bhattacharjee sought to answer this question in a recent study: Should we pursue extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, or is it the everyday experiences that provide the greatest enjoyment? The answer, it turns out, may depend on your age.

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The Crisis Communications Playbook: What GM’s Mary Barra (and Every Leader) Needs to Know
Professor Paul Argenti; Harvard Business Review, March 11, 2014

"Most of the people who end up in top jobs have never had any training for or experience in dealing with communicating in a crisis on the big stage." Paul Argenti shares his insights on how executives can handle a PR crisis.

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India rural innovation
Transforming Rural India Through Agricultural Innovation
Professor Vijay Govindarajan; Harvard Business Review, February 22, 2014

As the income gap widens between Indian urbanites and rural workers, many eyes are turned to the growing issue of rural poverty.

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PepsiCo’s Support for Women’s Business Organization Has Real Life Impact
PepsiCo; February 2014

With the support of companies like Pepsico, Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) partners with Tuck Executive Education to offer development opportunities for women owned companies.

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Why More Women Will Become CEOs
Ilan Mochari, Inc.; February 10, 2014

The topic of women rising to C-suite positions has been discussed prominently in the media lately. Inc. reports on strengths and differences women can bring to a leadership role as shared by Associate Dean Sydney Finkelstein.

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Time to make a positive change is today, not tomorrow: Marshall Goldsmith, Leadership Expert
Dibyendu Ganguly; Economic Times, January 31, 2014

Why do we fail every day to carry out the simplest of plans? Speaking at a workshop organized in Mumbai by Eruditus, Thinkers50 India and Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth earlier this month, visiting faculty Marshall Goldsmith blamed it on our delusions...

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Iedp-logo-low square
Are You Competing in the Reputation Economy?
iedp; February 5, 2014

Brands live or die by their reputation and in our interconnected world reputations can be extremely fragile. IEDP reports on the latest thinking on reputation and brand management, and the strategies needed to succeed in the ‘reputation economy’.

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Four ‘sure bets’ for the New Year
Associate Dean Sydney Finkelstein; BBC Capital, January 9, 2014

Sydney Finkelstein shares his predictions for business occurances in 2014 in his BBC Capital column. Among them, he predicts an increase in women taking high level leadership roles.

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Create in India, win everywhere
Professor Vijay Govindarajan; Business Standard, January 6, 2014

Companies invested in India must continue to innovate for India. By doing so, they will be innovating for the world

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Three Ways to Improve U.S. Healthcare, as Demonstrated in India
Dr. John Mandrola, MD; The Atlantic, December 10, 2013

Dr. Mandrola writes about recent research done by Tuck School of Business professor Vijay Govindarajan and Northwestern professor Ravi Ramammurti. Their study shows how 9 Indian hospitals have implemented innovative changes to cut costs while maintaining quality of care.

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Pay as much attention to your partners as you do to your customers and your competitors
Madanmohan Rao; Your Story, November 21, 2013

Professor and Faculty Director of "Leading Innovation: From Idea to Impact" Ron Adner speaks with Your Story about his recent book "The Wide Lens", innovation, and academics.

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WWD CEO Summit: Dartmouth’s Sydney Finkelstein on Unlearning as an Executive
Evan Clark; Women's Wear Daily, October 29, 2013

Executive Education Dean Sydney Finkelstein spoke at the 2013 Women's Wear Daily CEO Summit on the need for executives to embrace change, especially in the digital world.

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India’s Secret to Low-Cost Health Care
by Vijay Govindarajan & Ravi Ramamurti; Harvard Business Review, October 15, 2013

In his most recent research, Professor Vijay Govindarajan studies the cost effectiveness of healthcare. Through comparisons of 9 Indian hospitals, VG finds several innovative practices that have reduced pricing dramatically while maintaining a high level of quality of care.

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Recognize Intrapreneurs Before They Leave
Vijay Govindarajan and Jatin Desai; Harvard Business Review

Professor Vijay Govindarajan, known as VG, discusses with coauthor Jatin Desai the power of energizing internal resources within a corporation who he calls "intrapreneurs". VG was founder of the “Leading Innovation – From Idea to Impact” program. His co-author, professor Chris Trimble, teaches innovation execution in the program, or how to navigate the end-to-end innovation execution process.

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Thinkers50 logo rgb72dpi
The World’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Thinkers
Mike Myatt, Forbes

Every two years since 2001, Thinkers50 has published their ranking of the world’s top 50 management and leadership thinkers. Check out the shortlists for the 2013 awards here, featuring several of our faculty.

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MBE Magazine: An Evolving Education
Anne Elizabeth Goudy, Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine; July/August 2013

The July/August 2013 issue of Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine featured a story on our Minority Executive Programs that take place on the Dartmouth campus throughout the year.

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BBC Capital: Why cable companies deserve our scorn
Syd Finkelstein

Business school professor and expert on executive failures, Sydney Finkelstein discusses the vast array of content available to consumers today and opportunities available to corporations.

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A Day in the Life: Tuck Executive Program
Melissa Korn and program participants

Curious what it's like to attend a top advanced management program? Read journal entries from three participants who attended the Tuck Executive Program, as reported in the Wall Street Journal's series: A Day in the Life.

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Developingleaders ilc coverimage2
A Larger Ambition: VG’s Innovation Imperative for India
Kirk Kardashian

A recent article that discusses the new Tuck Innovation Leadership Consortium. Read about the four companies who spearheaded the first iteration of this consortium, and absorb some of the powerful lessons they learn on executing the innovation imperative.

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Econonomic times mumbai logo
Senior Level Professionals Going Back to B-school to Acquire Management Skills
Economic Times Mumbai

Enrollment in executive education in India is growing at a fast clip. Providers such as INSEAD, Wharton and the Tuck School all offer solutions for managers and high-potential leaders, including options in open enrollment, custom and an invitation-only consortium model.

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Developing leaders article thompson reuters - tuck and ie cover image
Case Study: Thomson Reuters Global Executive Program
Developing Leaders magazine

Leadership in Practice Case Study: Thomson Reuters partnered with the Tuck School and IE Business School on the development of its Global Executive Program.

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Tuck Placed Number One in The Economist’s Worldwide MBA Rankings 2011

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth placed #1 in The Economist's worldwide ranking of full-time MBA programs.

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Short and Very Sweet: WSJ Reviews Advanced Management Programs

Wall Street Journal reports: business schools find demand is still strong for open-enrollment programs. The Tuck Executive Program is among the shortest and sweetest.

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MBA Alternatives Worth Considering (Wall Street Journal Careers)
Wall Street Journal

An MBA, even at a part-time program, is a difficult degree to attain. It takes years to plow through the demanding coursework, and finding the tuition money can be difficult even during the best of times. If your career is too time-consuming or you are having trouble funding a full-time MBA, there are high-quality, substantive alternatives.

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China Economic Review, July 2010

To enter China or not to enter China? The question remains a vexing one for many foreign institutions. Given a string of failures, many foreign schools remain hesitant about setting up shop on the mainland, concerned about joint venture requirements, brand risk, financial issues related to profit repatriation and recruitment challenges for students and teachers alike. The hesitation appears to be mutual; the Ministry of Education has not approved a new joint venture in years.

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Poets & Quants: A New Era for Open Enrollment
Clark Callahan

Written by Executive Director, Clark Callahan, this article addresses the many benefits of executive education, with additional insights from his colleagues at Columbia, Darden, and MIT Sloan. Read how open enrollment and custom programs work in harmony to meet the needs of organizations.

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Doing Business in China? Learn the Culture First
Beijing Today staff

The prospects for growth are enormous, but foreign companies doing business in China are beginning to realize the importance of listening to the locals and understanding the complex fabric in this land of opportunity. The Tuck Global Leadership 2030 Consortium helps companies develop their long term strategies for China, but also to learn the culture. It's immersion learning that is the differentiating factor for understanding this complex environment.

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Wall street journal logo
CFOs: Not Just for Finance Anymore (Professor Robert Howell)
Professor Bob Howell

Wall Street Journal: Professor Bob Howell on the New Strategic CFO, the imperative for CFOs to play a more strategic role in the organization.

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Executive Education on Global B-School Radar
Business Standard Mumbai staff

An increased supply of executive education programmes by global B-schools, including Harvard Business School (HBS), Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Tuck School of Business, INSEAD, Oxford University’s Said Business School and Duke University, in the Indian market is set to add pressure on management institutes in the country.

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