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A Larger Ambition: VG’s Innovation Imperative for India

Kirk Kardashian

Prior to 1990, India’s economy followed the Soviet planning model. Companies were protected, so they did not need to be efficient. Growth was pegged at one percent per year. By most economic metrics, this phase was a disaster. Then the sleeping giant yawned and lumbered to life, embracing free markets, opening the borders to foreign companies and welcoming that agent of fitness: competition. The Indian economy grew aggressively for the next 20 years, mostly by providing outsourcing and cost control. But the rules of the game have now changed. “I think the efficiency game is over,” says Professor Vijay Govindarajan. “If Indian companies want to be really competitive globally, they have to innovate.”

That is the very premise of the Tuck Innovation Leadership Consortium. Read about the four companies who spearheaded the first iteration of this consortium, and absorb some of the powerful lessons on executing the innovation imperative.

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