The Global Leadership consortium was created to ensure the next generation of transnational corporate leaders has a truly global mindset.
The program helps executive teams accomplish three fundamental, sustainable transformations necessary for success in the global marketplace:

1. Industry transformation: to develop your industry’s next best practices
2. Organization transformation: to encourage productivity, innovation, and growth in their company
3. Individual transformation: to become effective corporate leaders in a changing global environment

The multi-company consortium model blends the benefits of a traditional open enrollment program, particularly the cross-fertilization of ideas among executives from world-class organizations, with the relevance and impact of a custom program, reinforced by the program’s unique action learning projects.  As long-term partners in both the design and delivery of the program, consortium members drive all major decisions, including content, methodologies, and locations.

Global Leadership has remained a vigorous consortium throughout its 10-year history. Over this period, it has included a variety of world-class companies, including Bang & Olufsen, BT, Eaton Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, and WalMart. It has used global venues in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Oxford and Singapore and has continued to evolve its focus on developing strategic global leadership capabilities. Where similar programs have often gone by the wayside, Global Leadership remains meaningful and impactful for the member companies.

Matt Slaughter on Tuck’s Global Leadership Consortium

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