Testimonials and Participant Success Stories


“We strive to not be put into the box of being just a minority-owned company,” he adds. “We are an IT company and we do good work. We just happen to be minority-owned.”

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Patrick Hemphill

CEO, HCI IT Services

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I walked into Tuck as an automotive supplier and left there transformed—a businessman with a broader vision for diversification and building wealth.

Sylvester L. Hester

President, ARD Logistics

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Before I went to Tuck, I tended to think of the company very simplistically. Now I think of the company as a group of functionalized areas that have to cooperate strategically.

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Chris Pillay

CEO of Meridian Technologies

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I learned that instead of always being in everything in the company, if I worked on it, the people that are in place to run it can do their jobs better.

Randy ramcharan web2
Randy Ramcharan

VP Operations, Indatatech

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I found that each of my Tuck experiences added immediate value to my leadership toolbox. My best Tuck take-away ever was when I realized the importance of my company’s operational mission statement and integrated it in all our marketing materials and presentations. This single change lead to a 20% increase in sales and a solid team that understands and executes our mission.

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Linzie Venegas

Chief Marketing Officer, Ideal Group, Inc.

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My company had reached a plateau at $3M, and I needed a strategic plan for growth, despite the lackluster economy. It was time to come back to Tuck for the next stepping stone program, Growing the Minority Business to Scale. I am immensely grateful to faculty staff and my classmates - they all inspired me and helped me reach my goals.

Marjorie perry headshot tuck horiz
Marojorie Perry

President and CEO, MZM Construction and Management Company

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Johnson Controls is highly committed to supplier diversity because we discovered it enhances our revenue when we offer a slate of diverse suppliers to work on our projects, and it strengthens our network of suppliers in terms of cost, quality, and delivery. Tuck has been a great partner in helping us do both.

Layton,reggie07 1
Reginald Layton

Vice President, Supplier Diversity & Supply Chain, Johnson Controls, Inc.

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I've invested repeatedly by sending my top management team to executive programs at Tuck—the return has been tremendous!

Frank Venegas

Chairman, The Ideal Group

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After Tuck, I was able to sharpen my marketing message, choose customers more carefully, and deploy scarce resources more efficiently—all of which helped us double in size to $15M.

Sam Yadav

President, Quest Environmental & Safety Products, Inc.

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