At Tuck, I learned how important it is to understand where my company is in terms of value to my market

Leah brown- Tuck Executive Education
Leah Brown

President & CEO, A10 Clinical Solutions, A10 Health Clinics, C10 Connect

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Tuck talks about not only the supply chain but the value chain. Often times, suppliers are at the low end of the value chain….You want to be further up the value chain so you can make money to sustain your business, continue to grow, to add value, and be a valued supplier to that particular customer.

Edgar-smith small
Edgar L. Smith, Jr.,

Chairman and CEO, World Pac Paper

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Tuck made me start looking at my business from a holistic standpoint, not just day-to-day. I saw the value of time. I saw the value of money. I saw the value of what I brought to the company and how it could be best utilized.

Keith tillage16x9
Keith Tillage

Owner, Tillage Construction, LLC

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"Tuck was instrumental in giving us ideas on how to grow. The lessons learned in the Growing program helped us be more aggressive in our business planning and weather some of the toughest economic times in recent history."

Hemphill headshot square
Patrick Hemphill

CEO, HCI IT Services

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Participating in Tuck’s Growing the Minority Business to Scale program was a game-changer. Despite the worst economic downturn in our nation’s history, the lessons I learned at Tuck prepared our leadership team to leverage the many opportunities for growth that have come our way.  As a result of attending, we doubled revenue in the first 12 months and are on track to double again this year. I’m grateful for Wal-Mart’s generous sponsorship and highly recommend the Tuck experience.

Elise Mitchell

President and CEO, Mitchell Communications Group, Inc.

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I walked into Tuck as an automotive supplier and left there transformed—a businessman with a broader vision for diversification and building wealth.

Sylvester L. Hester

President, ARD Logistics

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All the information on procuring financing to grow your business became very useful to me right away.

Lixit half
Linda Parks

President and CEO, Lixit Corporation

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I learned that instead of always being in everything in the company, if I worked on it, the people that are in place to run it can do their jobs better.

Randy ramcharan web2
Randy Ramcharan

VP Operations, Indatatech

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I found that each of my Tuck experiences added immediate value to my leadership toolbox. My best Tuck take-away ever was when I realized the importance of my company’s operational mission statement and integrated it in all our marketing materials and presentations. This single change led to a 20% increase in sales and a solid team that understands and executes our mission.

Linzie venegas headshot1 cropped
Linzie Venegas

Chief Marketing Officer, Ideal Group, Inc.

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My company had reached a plateau at $3M, and I needed a strategic plan for growth, despite the lackluster economy. It was time to come back to Tuck for the next stepping stone program, Growing the Minority Business to Scale. I am immensely grateful to faculty staff and my classmates - they all inspired me and helped me reach my goals.

Marjorie perry headshot tuck horiz
Marojorie Perry

President and CEO, MZM Construction and Management Company

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Johnson Controls is highly committed to supplier diversity because we discovered it enhances our revenue when we offer a slate of diverse suppliers to work on our projects, and it strengthens our network of suppliers in terms of cost, quality, and delivery. Tuck has been a great partner in helping us do both.

Layton,reggie07 1
Reginald Layton

Vice President, Supplier Diversity & Supply Chain, Johnson Controls, Inc.

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I've invested repeatedly by sending my top management team to executive programs at Tuck—the return has been tremendous!

Frank Venegas

Chairman, The Ideal Group

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After Tuck, I was able to sharpen my marketing message, choose customers more carefully, and deploy scarce resources more efficiently—all of which helped us double in size to $15M.

Sam Yadav

President, Quest Environmental & Safety Products, Inc.

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I credit my business turnaround to Tuck's Growth program. Afterward, I formed a strategic partnership and landed a multiyear contract valued at over $2.5M.

Sharon Brown

President, Environmental and Occupational Safety Services, Inc.

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