With 32 years of experience working with diverse businesses, Tuck is well-positioned to deliver custom programs to meet a client's needs, including those we offer with our government and industry partners.

Tuck works with industry organizations and private enterprises to deliver learning experiences with impact. We do it with personal attention and with the clear goal of helping our clients succeed. These programs fall under two main categories: custom programs and partnership programs.

The main advantages of custom programs are efficiency, tailoring and impact.  Efficiency comes when a program is delivered at the client’s preferred location, minimizing participant travel and facilities costs.  It also comes from having many key employees or partners receiving the same education and peer learning, allowing them to develop a common language. Tailoring allows a program to focus on the client’s specific outcome goals.  When combined, these factors create an environment for maximum impact at the individual and organizational level.  Visit the Custom Minority Programs section in the menu on the left to learn more about custom engagements.

Tuck partners with private enterprise, government, and industry organizations to bring world-class education to historically underserved populations. The menu on the left has more information on these partnership programs.

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At Tuck, we know what leads to success as well as what gets in the way. For more than 30 years, we've shared this knowledge with minority business entrepreneurs looking to build stronger and more profitable companies.

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