With 32 years of experience working with diverse businesses, the Tuck School is experienced and well-positioned to deliver custom programs to meet a client's needs.

The main advantages of custom programs are efficiency, tailoring and impact.  Efficiency comes when a program is delivered at the client’s preferred location, minimizing participant travel and facilities costs.  It also comes from having many key employees or partners receiving the same education and peer learning, allowing them to develop a common language. Tailoring allows a program to focus on the client’s specific outcome goals.  These factors combined create an environment for maximum impact at the individual and organizational level. Here are some examples of engagements:

Example 1: Diverse Supplier Development Programs

Sophisticated corporations and public sector entities realize that an investment in supply chain excellence is an investment in the corporation’s own long-term success.  From this perspective, instead of sending high-potential suppliers one-by-one to open enrollment programs, a client can offer a custom program that will develop many of its own suppliers at the same time. Such programs can last from one day to a week, depending on the desired scope of the learning experience, and can be run in the client’s own training facilities or a nearby hotel.  The client collaborates on the program design and provides guest speakers if desired. For example, we worked with one client to emphasiz six sigma, which was jointly taught by Tuck faculty and the client corporation’s own six sigma experts.
Other corporations have arranged for a short management excellence program for its suppliers attending a corporate opportunity expo. The possibilities span a broad spectrum.  What skills do you most want your suppliers to develop?

Example 2: Mentor-Protégé Programs

Mentors are most effective when the protégé company is embarked upon an organizational improvement initiative and they know the protégé company’s strengths and weaknesses. We have experience in helping to jump-start protégé improvement processes in which the mentor sits in with the protégé top management team and understands the challenges the team is facing and how they are planning to address them.  There is no better way for mentors to get involved in helping the protégé to succeed – and the mentor learns cutting-edge management concepts in the process. 
The mentor-protégé program combines the best features of a top management team retreat with just-in-time coaching by the instructor and direct participation of the mentor.  The format is a proven one, and has been used to accelerate the development of high-potential diverse suppliers by one of the world’s leading companies for several years.  Would you like your mentor-protégé program to be both world-class and cost-effective?

Example 3: Programs for Support Organizations

Organizations whose mission is to foster the success of diverse businesses can benefit their constituents by offering learning experiences to their diverse members or make their own field staff more effective by honing their assessment, consulting, and intervention skills. We have delivered successful multi-year iterations for both types of program. These programs can be stand-alone experiences of offerings embedded in or adjacent to national or regional meetings. Can we help you increase the success of your constituents?

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