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Accomodations for the program will be held at the Warwick New York

Cancellation/Deferral Policy

To refund your tuition in full, we must receive your notice of cancellation more than 49 days before the program start date. Due to the costs incurred for program preparation and administration, any cancellations and requests for deferrals received 49 days or less from the program start are subject to fees as described below.

Days prior to program start date:Cancellation FeeDeferral Fee
More than 49 days notice$500$500
49-30 days notice25%$500
29-15 days notice50%$500
14 or less days notice100%$750

* If you apply and are accepted within the 49 day period before the program start date, you still are responsible for any cancellation/deferral fees incurred.

Substitutions:  All participant substitutions are subject to the sole discretion of Tuck Executive Education and will be based on participant qualifications and lead time needed for any pre-program work. In cases where a qualified replacement is identified by the organization prior to the start of the program and is admitted by Tuck Executive Education, the cancellation fee will be waived.

Refunds: Any remaining balance resulting from a cancellation or deferral can be applied to another Tuck Executive Education program or session within one year of the initial program date. After one year, the balance is non-refundable.