Brand and Reputation is tailored to the objectives and challenges faced by senior executives in corporate branding, marketing, corporate communications, and/or investor relations. Other functional areas of the organization, such as human resources, public affairs, and C-level executives —anyone who touches the brand identity—would also benefit from attending.

Cross-functional teams are encouraged to participant in order to effectively implement a “one-company” communications strategy. The topics and discussion are appropriate to a wide range of organizations and industries, including public or private and large corporations or small businesses.

The benefits of team participation include:

  • Providing context for the connection between concept and action
  • Accelerating the transfer of learning to the organization to address company challenges
  • Encouraging the creation of a common strategic language
  • Building internal networks
  • Creating a sense of team accomplishment and
  • Providing increased ROI on learning at both the individual and organizational level through improved, synergistic performance.