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The Leading Innovation Using The Three Box Solution is designed to help organizations implement transformational, business model innovations. Combining proven frameworks and practical implementation tools, this program will allow leaders to accelerate the pace and success of innovation in their own companies.

The program is largely based on the innovation framework by Professor Vijay Govindarajan and found in his new book The Three Box Solution.

Keeping in mind that building a company's Innovation DNA requires large scale organizational buy-in, this program has been designed to be delivered to a large number of participants, simultaneously. Using a highly scalable learning platform, synchronous and asynchronous learning pedagogies including video lectures and group reflection, this program will help your organization avoid the common pitfalls that many companies face with reimagining their future.

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Why strategy is about the future, and why do companies need to continuously innovate?
    • How can firms identify market discontinuities that shape the future evolution of their industry?
    • How can firms build the requisite organizational DNA to create the future while managing the present?
    • How should organizations execute breakthrough strategies?
  • Explore how to instigate productive and non-defensive conversations about what it really takes to make innovation happen.
  • Learn simple, elegant, and practical principles for making innovation happen in your organization.
  • Discover how to avoid some of innovation's most toxic myths, how to build the right kind of team, and how to learn quickly from experience.
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Coxe Distinguished Professor of Management

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Video: Vijay Govindarajan (VG) on Innovation and Execution

VG talks about why he became interested in innovation and how to innovate within large organizations

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How do you sustain your current success for the future? It comes down to selectively forgetting the past and focusing on innovative ideas that will allow the corporation to be competitive in the future.

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