Senior managers from established organizations who have responsibilities for innovation. These include strategy leaders, managers of new businesses, directors of strategic business development, chief innovation officers, chief strategy officers, chief technology officers, directors of R&D and product development, and members of innovation teams and all those who support innovation.

The program content is relevant to a broad expanse of innovation initiatives, including a range in size and risk level, as well as new processes, products/services, markets, and businesses.

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Tuck encourages the participation of teams in this program. Companies sending teams of three or more participants to the same program are eligible for a 10 percent discount on the program fee for the third and subsequent registrants.

More and more companies are telling us about the extraordinary impact of sending multiple participants to our programs. The benefits of team participation include:

  • providing context for the connection between concept and action
  • accelerating the transfer of learning to the organization to address company challenges
  • encouraging the creation of a common strategic language
  • building internal networks
  • creating a sense of team accomplishment
  • providing increased ROI on learning at both the individual and organizational level through improved, synergistic performance