Leadership in Disruptive Times: Thriving Through Uncertainty

Leadership in Disruptive Times: Thriving Through Uncertainty

Tuck Executive Sprint: Live Sessions Taught Online Over Two Days by Faculty Thought Leaders

Today, technologies are advancing exponentially, the lines between industries are blurring, stakeholder expectations are shifting, and global shocks are happening with increased frequency. Leaders must confront complex challenges that feel paradoxical: enabling autonomy while leading decisively; embracing sustainability while maximizing profits; protecting the present while creating the future.

Leadership in Disruptive Times will provide practical tools for leaders to accelerate when the fog of uncertainty descends, turning today’s ambiguity into tomorrow’s opportunity. This online program is taught by renowned Tuck professor Scott Anthony, a leading expert on the adaptive challenges of disruptive change. 

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Program Objectives

At the end of this program, participants should have the ability to:

  1. Spot early warning signs of disruptive change
  2. Strengthen their paradox mindset, which sees sees "both/and" possibilities instead of "either/or" constraints
  3. Identify hidden barriers that inhibit responding to change 
  4. Pinpoint and address the most critical assumptions behind an uncertain idea
  5. Align a group around a path through uncertainty
  6. Build an environment of psychological safety that encourages learning and development

In short, participants will leave with a set of practical tools to confront the challenges of disruption and, perhaps more critically, the confidence that rather than being a paralyzing threat, uncertainty is an invigorating opportunity. 

Session Topics

This executive sprint will take place over two three-hour sessions. Each will include a mix of presentation and small- and large-group discussions.

Session 1: Disruptive Change: Challenge or Opportunity? (November 13)

Over the past three decades, disruption has been thoroughly detailed, discussed, and debated. Yet, industry leaders still struggle to respond to disruptive change. One fundamental challenge is the “information-action paradox:” by the time there is enough information to act, it is too late to act. Diving deep into the challenges and opportunities of disruptive change, sprint participants will learn how to spot early warning signs and turn what appear to be limiting constraints into enabling opportunities.

Session 2: Turning Ambiguity into Opportunity (November 20)

Ambiguity creates the possibly for growth. After all, learning comes when we are uncomfortable. No discomfort, no learning. Too much discomfort, however, can be overwhelming. This session will be a learning lab, using the real-world example of an innovative consumer goods product. Sprint participants will learn how to identify hidden individual and organizational barriers inhibiting innovation and a set of tools to confront the uncertainty that accompanies innovation.

Beyond the two sessions, participants will also have the opportunity for a discussion-based "master class" with Scott Anthony post-program. 

Who Should Attend

The program is targeted at senior leadership as well as project and people managers at all levels. The content of the course is relevant for companies across industry. We encourage a team of four or more managers from the same company to attend to maximize application and impact. 

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