Power the Future: AI and Data for Strategic Advantage

Tuck Executive Sprint: Four Live Sessions Taught Online by Faculty Thought Leaders

The laws of competitive advantage are changing, rewarding those who have the most robust real-time insights rather than the most valuable assets. To compete in the new digital age, companies must use real-time data to turbocharge their products, strategies, and customer relationships. 

Power the Future: AI and Data for Strategic Advantage will help leaders across industry make the strategic connections they need to harness data, transform physical products, and implement change at their organization. This new online program is taught by Vijay Govindarajan (VG) and Venkat Venkatraman, two world-renowned innovation and digital strategy experts. 

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Program Objectives

The program has three interrelated objectives:  

  1. Explore the opportunities and challenges facing companies as they use data and AI for strategy
  2. Examine the shifting competitive landscape and the portfolio of digital capabilities needed to win in the fusion future
  3. Use a generative AI-based Fusion Strategy Coach to showcase how participants can deepen and broaden their learnings about fusion strategy  

The overall aim of this program is to help participants go from concepts to actions in the most effective way possible.  

Session Topics

In four live 90-minute sessions, participants will gain the skills they need to help their organizations create the future. 

  • Session 1: How Digitals Vanquished Consumer Giants (May 7)
  • Session 2: Fusion Strategies for the Industrials’ Future (May 14)
  • Session 3: Uber One Case Study and Fusion Strategy Masterclass  (May 21)
  • Session 4: Making Fusion Strategy Happen (May 28)

Each session will include facilitated discussions and case studies, interactive learning through applied exercises, and personal interaction with Professors Govindarajan and Venkatraman. All participants will also receive a copy of their new book, Fusion Strategy: How Real-Time Data and AI Will Power the Industrial Future.

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